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Baronet 4 Tibet is closed for business

All of the inventory has been sold.

We will be issuing an update shortly of where you can purchase Authentic Tibetan items.

The following is a link to where you can purchase some of the remaining Authentic Tibetan items Baronet removed from Tibet


For inventory and pricing, please email coreyjacetibet@gmail.com

or for faster response call/text 516-532-2749 or 702-845-8553.




Tibetan antique hand painted Buddhist altar tables
Tibetan Buddhist altar tables, hand-painted by monks at the Sange monasteries. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist symbolism in brilliant colors, complete with historical details & iconographies. We also have a small selection of Han-style altar tables with plenty of Rebgong influence. Altars date from the early 16th century to the mid- 20th century.
Tibetan Buddhist offering cabinets certified antiques with COA
Beautiful dual purpose: altar or storage. Hand-painted Tibetan furniture made for use in the Labrangs (Lamas' residences). Each has an interesting story & meaning.
Cedar storage trunk page
Tibetan Buddhist chests made of aromatic cedar & elm, known as choyon trunks; such trunks are part of a tradition going back to Godan Khan & the year 1247. Hand-painted by the some of the best artists at the Sange monasteries.
Antique Tibetan Furniture used in monasteries

Tibetan yak butter lamp stands; also known as Chösum stands. Tibetan Buddhist iconography hand-painted on the front and both sides. Used to house the toma made from the tsampa during the year as an offering.

Chosum stands have been moved to the Offering cabinet page

Buddhist Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels, hand- painted by the monks of the Sange monasteries. Mantras in gold kyungbur on the barrels, "OM MANI PADME HUM." Avalokiteshvara's 6-syllable mantra, "Jewel in the heart of the Lotus.", all sold out .
Tibetan Buddhist Tangka link to listing page
Tangkas and mandalas painted by monks & artists of the Golden Valley (Ser Shong).
Tibetan Buddhist Furniture
Specially designed boxes made of Juniper to store and transport the Tibetan Buddhist Holy scriptures.

Links to Tibetan or Buddhist sites of interest

If you have suggestions for us to add please email us: note that we will not post links to web sites that would be considered controversial by some governments. We have plenty of work to do in Tibet and want to be able to travel freely and do not want to endanger any of our friends or associates.

Tibetan Buddhist art-mandala
Tibetan Buddhist art, includes: temple wall hangings~like a tangka~manuscript-covers, paintings of historical teachers and deities with special mantras and prayers.

Tibetan Antique Furniture

The Upper Sange Monastery began a massive rebuilding project in 2004 & emptied out most of the residential compounds & demolished them. The monks' private altars & shrines were sold as there was no where to store them, & new residences were designed with built-in shrines & Tibetan Buddhist altars. At this time, Baronet purchased the Tibetan furniture we currently have in inventory. The Lower Sange Monastery demolished their Assembly Hall & main temple in 1988 & started rebuilding. We have several items preserved from these destroyed buildings.

The Sange-certified items currently on this web site (& some no longer available here) are now being reproduced & marketed as original items on other web sites as vintage pieces from Nepal.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Please be careful when purchasing from the web, as many sellers are not aware that their suppliers are offering knock-offs.

Today's market is flooded with so-called "antique" Tibetan furniture which is, in fact, mass-produced in China & Malaysia.  Consequently, we've asked the monks to authenticate the dates & place of creation & the artist, when known, of these pieces, thus providing the buyer with evidence of the item's provenance. Historical records indicate that furniture was typically not present in Tibetan households & what furniture did exist, was at monasteries.

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