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Chöyön Trunk 00XX
Tibetan hand-painted trunk with snow lion on the front Tibetan cedar chest aka choyon trunk right side view
front view
right side
Tibetan trunk top view dharma wheel
top view

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"Snow Lion, bowl of plenty -- jewels of wisdom."  The center motif is surrounded by kyungbar. The intricate scrollwork  & designs on the top and both sides are also in raised gesso which is extremely stable and sturdy.  The sides feature large rainbows with a lotus blossom rising. The top has the 8-spoke Dharma wheel, surrounded by a banner leading to swirling water, rainbow, mountains, & ginseng in the sunset. The certificate of authenticity is brush-signed by the artist, Sha Ba Ten Zin.  This is one of Sha Ba's later pieces & is exceptionally good. The mantra on the front is OM MANI PADME HUM ~ OM A HUM.  Please see iconography for meaning.

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#00XX Price $979.00, plus shipping = WEST COAST $68 ~ MTN & MIDWEST = $79 ~ EAST COAST= $88. Contact us for a quote for other destinations.  

00XX's Iconography

The Snow Lion is the national symbol of Tibet.  This trunk's Snow Lion holding an alms bowl filled with Cintamani.  The brown or turquoise mane represents the earth element, fearlessness, & victory.  The Cintamani represents the mind that has attained enlightenment.   The background has all 5 elements represented.  The mantra, written in Tibetanized sanskrit is Om mani padme hum om a hum. The first part is the 6-syllable mantra followed by head, throat and heart.
     The top has the 8-spoked Dharma wheel.  In three parts, the wheel exists as a hub, the center of the world, with 8 spokes denoting the 8 paths to enlightenment. These 8 steps work together, not separately.  1. Right understanding  2. Right attitude 3. Right speech  4. Right action 5. Right work 6. Right effort 7. Right mindfulness 8. Right meditation.  The rim represents the attribute of limitation.  All are contained within a circle, which is perceived as perfection & completeness, like the teachings of the Buddha.
     The trunk's sides have a rounded lotus above a rainbow.  The lotus is an important Buddhist motif since images of the Buddha & other important deities often are seen seated on a lotus throne. The growth of the lotus, its roots in mud & growing through water to emerge above the surface as a beautiful plant, is seen as analogy of the soul’s path from the mud of materialism to the air of enlightenment
Just as the lotus blossom rises above the mud and is beautiful, so must you raise your thinking with pure, clean, & noble thoughts.  Then, you also will be beautiful.

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