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Torma Trunk C100-A7

Antique Tibetan chest with auspicious buddhist symbols and 3 holy flowers front view
Antique furniture Tibetan trunk painted with buddhist symbols
left side
Antique tibetan furniture top view hand painted trunk top view
Antique Tibetan trunk painted with Buddhist flowers on side view
right side

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The full compliment of Tibetan Buddhism's Holy Trinity of flowers are displayed on this torma trunk; a chrysanthemum border around the front adds to the floral beauty. The front has lotus and Ashoka blossoms along with a mirror; in the mirror their is a Dharma wheel, which could be a metaphor for watching yourself follow the 8 fold noble path. The lotus is an important Buddhist motif.  Images of the Buddha and other important persons often are shown seated on a lotus throne.  The growth of the lotus, with its roots in mud, growing through water, and emerging as a wonderful plant above the water's surface, is seen as an analogy of the soul’s path from the mud of materialism to the purity of enlightenment. The Ashoka, the second of the  trinity of holy flowers, sprouts from the holy water-font of the Amitayus, one of the forms in which the Buddha Amitabha appeared (symbolizing the transformation from greed to discriminating wisdom).  The sprout materialized from a tear that Buddha Amitabha shed when hearing of the deeds of the great warrior Ashoka that overcame all of his enemies to win freedom for his oppressed people. The sides have three Champaka flowers, the 3rd flower in the holy trinity, also called the camp flower. The Champaka is a white blossom from the wish-fulfilling tree & is an attribute of Maitreya Buddha, conferring love, compassion & beauty.The hardware is brass, the copper cladding is a mid 20th century addition. The brass handles on the sides are bats and represent longevity and prosperity. This trunk comes with a brush-sign Certificate of Authenticity signed by one of the monks at the Sange Monastery. There is also a map of the area, along with historical notes and pictures of the village and monasteries with explanations.

Material: JUNIPER
Dimensions: W=19.75" H=15.62" D=10"
Age: circa 1850


Torma Trunk C100-A7 Price $459~ SHIPPING & handling= WEST COAST $58 ~ MTN & MIDWEST = $62 ~ EAST COAST= $69. Contact David for a quote to other destinations.


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