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Amitabha & the 18 Arhats
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Tangka ~~ Shakyamuni~~

The Disciples and 18 Arhats
"Protection and Guidance "



Overall measurements: 44" x 40"  Inside picture: 28" x 20" (measurements approximate)

Age: circa 2000

Created at the Wutong (Wu tun or Wutun) Monastery by a Tibetan Buddhist monk. There is a brocade border and a soot cover with this Tibetan tangka. Comes with a COA and a brief iconography.

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Amitabha & 17 arhats

Within this single Tangka, the genius of a Tibetan artist has created a highly synthesized and eclectic work combining multiple old traditions with new renditions, and all according to scriptural cannon. This complex and unusual painting centers on Shakyamuni with his two great disciples Shariputra and Maudgalyayuana, who are at the forefront by his side within the circle. These two disciples are famous for the intellectual and mystical powers, respectively.


The Sanskrit word arhat may be derived from the verb arh  -- to be worthy. They are the saints of Buddhism. There are 18 arhats depicted here which is a traditional number.


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The boat in the lower right hand corner has the Arhat Hvasgang guiding the voyage from India to China and Tibet, he is best known as the laughing Buddha, he is in fact a historical figure in the promulgation of Buddhism into China.



amitabha and disciples

Shakyamuni is standing on a cloud throne; the patterns of his multi-patched robe are bordered with gold,  simultaneously revealing majesty and humility.

(an expanded iconography will be provided upon purchase)


upper center
Garuda fling over head.
low left



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