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Thangka "White Tara"

Overall measurements: 36 " x 25 "  Inside picture: 17H " x 13W" (measurements approximate)

Painted in Tibet in Jentsa county Tibetan nomadic area by the headmaster of the project Hope school that Baronet helps to support through the Dron-me Association for Education and Eradication of Poverty.

New painting, of White Tara sitting on an Ashoka Throne holding a pink lotus blossom, at the top of the nimbus are two lotus blossoms in full bloom along with two larger Ashoka blossoms. She is sporting all 7 of her available eyes, three on her face and one each on feet and hands. In the foreground is a mirror, cymbols, white conch shell, the Precious Queen's earrings, yogurt, the Precious Elephant (represented by the elephant tusks) and Cintamani.

Price $695.00, plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA. 


White Tara painted thangka with 7 eyes, maid in Tibet


White Tara is a female bodhisattva who symbolizes compassion. Protecting those who revere her from danger, pain and anxiety, she is the embodiment of motherly love. her right hand is held in the gesture of Protection (abhaya mudra) and in her left hand she holds the stem of a triple lotus flower. She has a third eye on her forehead and eyes on the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet: these eyes symbolize her capacity to know suffering in all regions of the world.


<<<<Click on the picture to the left to see an expanded view (expanded view does not include the entire border which includes a soot cover)












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