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The Great Assembly Or Gathering of the Saints
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Tangka "The Great Assembly"
~Shakyamuni as the supreme Physician with all of the Saints~

Overall measurements: 46" x 33 "  Inside picture: 33H " x 24W" (measurements approximate)

Created at the Sange (Wu tun or Wutun in Chinese) Monastery by a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. The border is hand-stitched brocade, the artwork is excellent, however there is some slight damage to the painting in a few spots; please examine the images carfully before purchasing.

Cira mid 20th century

Comes with a brief explanation of icons and groups of saints.

Price $375.00, plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA. 
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Shakyamuni and the gathering of the saints tangka


The Shakyamuni as the supreme physician with his blue medicine bowl has gathered the Great Assembly of deities, Buddhas, disciples, and lamas to remove the 3 great poisons from your life: desire, hatred, & envy, in order to  harmonize and reestablish the balance between the three humors: wind, bile, and phlegm. His iron bowl is filled with amrita, the divine healing nectar.

The gathering have been brought together on a lotus throne sitting upon a stupa that stands in the life giving primal waters.

<<<<Click on the picture to the left to see an expanded view (expanded view does not include the entire border)






The great teachers

The spiritual rainbows radiate power and wisdom and aid in the study of the tantras. This requires endurance and a certain amount of meditation.  Just as the tantras are divided into  levels, so are the dieties of this gathering. How this tangka should be approached will depend upon the practioner's level.  For the practitioner who can approach the presentation as a mandala, the presentation is also a concentration aid for penetrating the essence of veneration; it has the same didactic function as the bhavachakra.



Shakyamuni with iron medicine bowl he is the supreme physician
Shakyamuni is the central figure, in bright gold with his iron medicine bowl, in this depiction he acts as the Supreme Physician.
precious elephant
In the lower left, the god Indra rides his elephant.  Indra is the king of the heaven of the 33 gods who live on Mt. Meru.
The persons in the lower right are lamas or monks, one is praying and the other is making an offering. They represent the practitioner.



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