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Thangka "Shakyamuni"
~ Auspicous depiction in gold ~Shakyamuni as the supreme Physician ~

Overall measurements: 36 " x 25 "  Inside picture: 17H " x 12W" (measurements approximate)

Painted in Tibet in Jentsa county Tibetan nomadic area by the headmaster of the project Hope school that Baronet helps to support through the Dron-me Association for Education and Eradication of Poverty.

New painting, background is 24kt gold: Gold background paintings are highly Auspicous, used judiciously for peaceful, long-life deities and fully enlightened Buddhas.

Price $595.00, plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA. 


Shakyamuni Thangka auspicious with 24kt gold background handpainted in Tibet


The Shakyamuni as the supreme physician with his blue medicine bowl to remove the 3 great poisons from your life: desire, hatred, & envy, in order to  harmonize and reestablish the balance between the three humors: wind, bile, and phlegm. His iron bowl is filled with amrita, the divine healing nectar and at the top of the healing nectar are three Bilva fruit, also known as the Bengal quince; Bilva is regarded as the most sacred of fruits.


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