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Manjushri Tangka
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Tangka ~~Manjushri~
~The Gentle Holy One~

"Dynamic Wisdom and Transcendental Knowledge "

This mandala is bordered by brocade with a soot cover at the top. Created at the Wutong (Wu tun or Wutun) Monastery by Tibetan Buddhist monk Kal Sang. The art work is exceptional, Kal Sang is part of a small group of artist headed by his older brother that is recognized through out Tibet as being the best Tangka and Mandala painters and they have won national competitions for their work. Due to the escalating price of gold, tangkas of this quality will be priced twice as high in the coming months. Many artists are no longer using pure gold due to the extremely high price. This tangka was painted before the current high prices using 24kt gold.

Comes with COA and brief iconography.

Cira 2008

Overall measurements: 43H" x 28W"  Inside picture: 26H " x 20W " (measurements approximate)


Price $675.00 plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA.


Manjushri tangka painted with 24kt gold

Manjushri, meaning Gental Holy one, is the Bodhisattva personifying dynamic wisdom and transcendental knowledge. Manjushri is identified by his blue flaming sword. In general a sword in Buddhism represents the victory of enlightenment over the the hosts of Mara, the thundering forces of ignorance . So states Bodhicharyavatara; “As the blade of a sword cannot cut itself, neither does the mind know itself.” In other words our own minds deceive us and we must cut through our own self deception. Depicted as an eternally young prince, he reflects the Buddhist belief that wisdom does not relate to age or accumulated experience. In Buddhism, wisdom is the result of cultivating the spiritual capacity that is the guide to finding the true heart of reality. His sword cuts through ignorance and brings wisdom, the ability to discriminate. His front right hand holds the sword, while his front left hand is in vitarkamudra, the Gesture of giving instruction. The right side is the male side and thus waving a sword is a male related action, whereas wisdom is female and so is displayed on the left side.


<<<<Click on the picture to the left to see an expanded view-note that the entire brocade is not visible in the displayed image







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