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Paramasukha~Chakrasamvara Mother-Father
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Tangka ~~12-Armed Heruka Chakrasamvara & consort Vajrayogini~
~AKA Paramasukha~Chakrasamvara Mother-Father~

"Wrathful Lord of the Wheel of Supreme Bliss"

This tangka's brocade border has been removed. The tangka comes with a brief iconography explaining the painting and deities. Please note there is some slight damage to the painting, examine the image carefully before purchasing; it is over 50 years old.

Cira early 20th century

34H " x 24W " (measurements approximate)

Created at the Wutong (Wu tun or Wutun) Monastery by a Tibetan Buddhist monk

Price $350.00 plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA.


Paramasukha-chakrasamvara tangka

Heruka Chakrasamvara, the Wrathful Lord of the Wheel of Supreme Bliss, is one of the major meditational deities of the mother tantras. Heruka is sometimes referred to as Samvara and sometimes as heruka, this latter term may also be applied to all wrathful male deities of highest yoga tantra. He stands on a sun disc surrounded by a flaming aura of his own radiant wisdom. He wears a tiger skin loin cloth in the manner of an ascetic yogi and is adorned with both bone and jeweled ornaments and a garland of fifty freshly severed human heads. His forehead sports the third eye of wisdom and the expression on his face is a mixture of wrath and passion.


<<<<Click on the picture to the left to see an expanded view-

Heruka embraces his red consort, Vajrayogini, she is holding a curved knife in her right hand to cut off ego interferences and in her left behind Heruka's head she has a skull-cup symbolizing blissful wisdom.

Heruka's right leg stands on the back of the worldly deity wrathful Ishvara (also known as Bhairava), while his left leg is bent and stance symbolizes the ability of Heruka Chakrasamvara to overcome the forces of ignorant hatred and desirous attachment respectively.

This 4 faced lineage of Heruka has in addition to the traditional vajra and bell, the skin of an elephant, a drum, dagger, curved knife and ant three jpointed spear in his right hands, and the staff, skull-cup, noose and the head of a worldly deity in his left hands. The symbolism of these various attributes can be exjplained as follows (partial). The 4 faces stand for the 4 doors of liberation. His 12 arms signify the purification of the twelve links of dependent arising explained in the Wheel of Life The vajra and bell symbolize the supreme unification of method and wisdom. The elephant skin illustrates the abandonment of ignorance. the hand drum enhances the blissful happiness experienced in the minds of all fully enlightened ones. The dagger and curved knife cut off the 3 poisons as the hub of the wheel of Life and eliminate all extreme views, while the 3-pointed spear pierces through the delusions of the 3 realms of existence.





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