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Thangka "Green Tara"

Overall measurements: 43 " x 25 "  Inside picture: 22H " x 15W" (measurements approximate)

Painted in Tibet in Jentsa county Tibetan nomadic area by the headmaster of the project Hope school that Baronet helps to support through the Dron-me Association for Education and Eradication of Poverty.

New painting, great detail in this excellent painting of Green Tara. She is surrounded by great depictions of the Holy Trinity of sacred Flowers, the Lotus, the Ashoka and the Champaka blossoms. In the dark blue ether of the background are various auspicious symbols and a few of the Precious Possessions of Chakravartin along with mare's tail cumulus clouds. Shakyamuni sits at the top and below Green Tara stand Ashokakanta (the two armed form of Marichi, goddess of he Dawn) and Blue Ekajata is to Tara's bottom left, holding a skull bowl in her left hand, wearing a tiger skin on her hips, which is usually associated with male wrathful dieties, however historically dating back to the 1st millenia Ekajata has been associated with Green Tara wearing the tiger skin. The two birds that look like swans in the water are geese (hamsa).

Price $875.00, plus shipping $48.00 in Continental USA ~ $79.60 worldwide. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery out side of USA. 

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Green Tara thangka painted in Tibet


Green Tara is the most dynamic emanation of the Tara, her green skin color indicates her relationship to the Buddha family Amoghasiddhi, the Action Family. she is moderately combative, action oriented bodhisattva, called upon when obstacles need to be overcome or when there is danger in overcoming evil. She is revered as a magnificent savior who frees all beings from suffering. She is seen as the Mother of All Three Periods; past, present and future.

She is depicted sitting in a relaxed posture on an ashoka throne, her right leg extended, indicating readiness for action, and her left leg is in the meditation position. The relative positions of her legs symbolize her perfect wisdom, spirituality, and meditation technique. Her left hand holds the stem of a blue lotus flower in the Gesture of Protection, while the right hand is in a gesture indicating the integration of wisdom and spiritual meditation technique in combination with the right leg. The youthful and beautiful Green Tara generates enthusiasm in those who adore her and gives them courage to take action.



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