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Scripture Boxes SST13GS

scripture storage box OM MANI PADMI HUM
side view
end view
top view

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Zipak guards both sides of this box in excellently done kyungbur. The mantra on top is also done in kyungbur with plenty of 24kt gold. This scripture storage box was never pressed into service and has been in storage for a few decades at the sange Monastery. It is quite customary for the monasteries to make more items then they can distribute as they are in the business of providing Tibetan Buddhist functional art for the other monasteries all over Tibet. This box was patterned after the late 18th and early 19th century boxes. If it would have been sent out to be used for scripture storage the interior would have been stained a very dark purple. The top has the 6-syllable mantra of Avalokitshvara, OM MANI PADME HUM in the Tibetan Holy text that is similar to Sanskrit. The front and back are basically the same. The mantra on each end of the box is OM AH HOM, which is the "Body~Speech~Mind" of Buddha, as in one's acquisition of these properties.

Dimensions:  W= 26.25"  D= 7.12" H= 7.62"
Age: early-mid 20th century
Materials:  unknown hardwoods


SST13GS PRICE $379.00 

plus shipping, handling & insurance; Pacific Coast $38.00 ~ MTN States $42.00 ~ Mid-West $45.00 ~ East coast $48.00~~Other destinations, contact David for quote; 1-800-718-4238 or david@Baronet4Tibet.com

There is a documentation package available for this scripture storage box for an additional donation, please see below for details concerning the contents.

Documentation package contents

1. Brush signed Certificate Of Authenticity.
2. Map of area with short history.
3. Iconography
4. Pictures of Kuberd and his blessing on the scripture storage box.
5. History of the scripture storage boxes, the woodblocks used to print the scriptures and the hand lettered ones, with pictures.
6. Pictures of the valley and an essay about the economy.
7. Pictures of the residences and an essay explaining how they live.

The documentation package is $99.00 and all of the proceeds are tax deductible and go to the Dron-me Association for Education and Eradication of Poverty.



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