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Tibetan Buddhist Art Garuda and Dragon with riders

Garuda and Dragon Tiobetan Buddhist art

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This unusual Tibetan Buddhist painting of a Shambhala King, most probably Sagaravijaya, riding a Garuda accompanied by a dragon riding bodhisattva also from Shambhala is one of 5 paintings of this unique genre known to exist. Three of those were so damaged that we did not bring them out of Tibet; the subject matter was mostly undiscernable, leaving just this one and another one that will be offered in September of 2011. The painting is done over kaolin on wood, without the usual canvas under girding. This is a very unique Tibetan genre and one of only two known to exist. The art work is very good, the colors are rich, with outstanding fine-line detail. The joinery on the frame is also a unique interlocking type that again is not typical of Tibetan or Chinese construction. The exact origins of this painting are not known, it is from the Sange Monastery, and most likely painted by a Sange artist as the artistic style is definitely that employed by the monks at the Sange monasteries. This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and accompanying documents.

Age: circa 1875  
Material: unknown hardwood
Dimensions: 8.5 " x 25.5 "

Sold~~Portland, OR

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Price $850



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