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Tibetan Buddhist painting of Vajrapani Riding dragon

Vajrapani riding dragon Buddhist Art

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This is a rare and prophetic depiction of Vajrapani riding a dragon. He is not in his usual blue color as he is coming forward to save lives and mitigate a disaster. He comes forward with a call for all to look at their own actions and behavior. At the bottom of the picture is a gold mirror over a conch horn flanked by two cymbals or tingsha in Tibetan. The conch horn sounds in all directions as do the teachings of Buddha and fearlessly proclaims the truth of the dharma. The two cymbals represent a plea for spiritual forces to remain and is the beginning of true teaching, asking God to be manifest in your life. The mirror represents clarity, completeness of perception and purity of consciousness, this is all a call to change your ways immediately. In his right hand is a mdung shag ti, this is a spear or lance. There is a small blood smeared yak tail billowing to one side beneath the tip and under that is a long triangular flag symbolizing the destructive or wrathful activities of war. This is the last call and ride of Vajrapani and happens during the 25th reign of the succession of Kulika Kings.

Age: circa 1700 
Material: canvas on Juniper
Dimensions: 14.12" x 14.12"

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