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Tibetan Buddhist Art Shakya Pandita on Wood

shakya pandita

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Excellent painting of Shakya Pandita (1181-1251 AD), great fine line detail with a very solid clay base and top quality pigments used. The back side of this painting is wood that is well polished with a very nice finish. The type of paint used on this is more in keeping with the wall murals and outdoor paintings on stupas than the tangka paintings. The paint is not susceptible to moisture like the thangkas or other Tibetan Buddhist Furniture and should remain clear and clean for several more centuries. Our dating on this is very conservative as we feel it is quite possible that it is 50-100 years older. Shakya Pandita is the lama that spent his latter years at the court of Godan Khan and instituted the practice of Chöyön. Little history lesson, Shakya is the name of an ethnic group in Nepal, this is the group that Guatama Buddha came from. This name. Shakya Pandita, means master of the knowledge of the shakyas; where in pandita is master of knowledge, the Tibetan term is Panchen. Guatama also known as Shakyamuni, where in muni means great sage or wise one, therefore shakyamuni is the great sage of the shakyas. Shakya Pandita's birth name was Kunga Gyaltsen and from an early age gave many indications that he was an emination of Manjushri. He was able to speak sanskrit before he was old enough to walk and mastered medicine and other sciences while still a boy.

Age: circa 1700 
Material: canvas on Juniper
dimensions: 12.5" x 12.25"

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