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Tibetan Buddhist Mandala of Amitabha on Wood

amitabha mandala on Wood

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Mandala with Amitabha in 24kt gold in the center. Mandalas are psychograms, a two dimensional stupa, one enters from the outside on the ground floor through the outer ring and goes inward and up ward toward the deity at the center. You need to see a stupa that you go up in to get a better visualizaion of this. The stupa in the link is one at the lower sange monastery, it is 5 stories tall, you go around the out side clockwise climbing to the next level at every completed circumambulation until you get to the top level and find the relics of a great teacher. This is one of the more comfortable stupas to climb, others that i have been in test your balance fear of heights. One rises in psychic altitude and understanding as they approach the center, arriving at the core of understanding. Mandala means "magic circle" and originally was a cosmogram. This mandala starts one out in a dualistic nature, ether and the death of desire and passion with red hued lotus blossoms leading the way to pure thoughts and compassion. The outer ring purifies one through the burning away of ego, and illusions, going to the next ring of dorjes, this is the transition to the world of knowledge then to the spiritual realm with the circle of lotus petals and then one enters the mandala proper.

Age: circa 1700 
Material: canvas on Juniper
Dimensions: 14.12" x 14.12"

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