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Tibetan Buddhist Art furniture & Antiques from the monasteries of the Ser Shong (Golden Valley)
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About Baronet

Baronet 4 Tibet has a warehouse located in  Vancouver, Washington and we also sell custom order tangkas and mandalas from the Sange Monasteries.

 Baronet features Tibetan art created at the Sange Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, located in the Amdo region on the eastern Tibetan Plateau.

Our Objective: Tibetan Buddhist art work and culture should be preserved, and we have an opportunity to assist the monks at Sange in bringing their art work to the world.  All their creations presented here are certified as authentic and come with a Certificate of Authentication, brush-signed by the monk who created the piece or, in some cases (due to the age of the item), by a monk who has definite knowledge that the piece was created at the Sange Monasteries. The monks have granted Baronet 4 Tibet exclusive worldwide distribution of their hand-decorated altar tables, Pujas, shrines and other wooden furnishings – giving our clients an exceptional opportunity to own this fine Tibetan art with confidence.


Who "we" are: David and his wife Jennifer own Baronet.      Mr. Buds, the canine just below the left navigation links has passed on, but we still like to keep his images around, he was a great friend and we spent many days exploring the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

arch in village wall in Sange, Tibet; wall made of pounded earth like the Great wall of China  
David standing in an archway of the defensive wall that surrounds the old part of the Sange Village. Wall is made of pounded earth and is about 900 years old.  



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