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Great piece of antique Tibetan Buddhist furniture, the yak on the right door is an excellently depicted robust animal; long hair that is typical of the wild yak. Both doors have purple pigments used in the rock formations, which is highly unusual, as it was the rarest of pigments and very unstable when stored prior to use, consequently it had to be used rather quickly. One of the Cintamani on the elephant's back is also purple. The two front doors, which open using the center divide, are typical of the 15 and 1600s. The sides are laid out nicely in a very delicate kyungbur, are monochrome with 24kt gold inside of the kyungbur designs. This very thin kyungbur was the norm until about 1700, when it thicken up, becoming about 5 times the thickness going into the 20th century. The design on the sides is a very creative mandala representation, with the 4 gates also aligning with the 4-Noble Truths and the outter ring of stylized trefoils representing the 8 paths to enlightenment. The top, which is not painted, is attached with wooden dowels which are exposed on the tip. Note that the "T-wave is carved on the front and outlined with kyungbur on the sides. The drawer pulls are gold plated wood, the left hand drawer must have been used the most as the gold has worn off and the wood is exposed on the thicker part. This is one of those pieces that is just on the cusp of not being cleanable, unfortunately is on the uncleanable  side of that cusp, this is generally noticed when an item is around 400 years old. The probability is that this table received much use in a warm room; the things that effect the soot and wax (coated with bee's wax when made and soot settles from incense and lamps) are temperature and exposure to natural light; items that were seldom used and kept in dark unheated rooms generally clean nicely, while items that would have been in northern exposed doorways will not clean at all and will have serious degrading of the pigments. There is a small split in the top along a wood join.

Age: circa 1600
Materials: Juniper, and other woods
Dimensions H= 21.62 " W= 24.88 " D= 14.62 "

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