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We are currently offering only Torma trunks and boxes.

Our Chöyön trunks are sold out. 

These different chests had very specific uses; Chöyön trunks were used in monasteries and lamaseries to store valuable gifts of silk and other ritual items, and the trunks' widths were calculated to hold unused rolls of silk. This usage began because of a special relationship, known as chöyön, that was established in 1244 between the Mongol ruler, Godan Khan, and his spiritual adviser, the Tibetan lama Sakya Pandita. Torma trunks were  used for to hold torma or the ingredients to make the torma when the Lama went visiting. 

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Antique Tibetan torma chest

Antique Tibetan torma chest

Antique Tibetan chest with a singularly rare depiction of an African lion on the top; the detail is most excellent and sets the lion apart from all...

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