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Ritual Objects and Miscellaneous Buddhist Art
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Ritual Objects

The ritual objects we offer are mainly from the Ser Shong (Golden Valley). All were used at one time by lamas, high lamas or patters, as is appropriate for the items listed. Some items' usage, such as the toma stick, was discontinued due to damage which resulted in their diminished usefulness; others, such as the ankusha, were replaced by items made of gold.

Miscellaneous Objects

The items listed on this page are of the highest quality. In some instances, we know the item's provenance, but we were so impressed by some items' artistic quality we acquired them without having the provenance that we usually demand for our clients.  The Prosperity dragon is one such item.

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bronze of atisha with gold gild on clothes
Dimensions: H= 6.5 " W= 5.25 " D= 4 "
Material: Bronze with gold plate
Price $1,750.00

ankusha blade with dorje and phurba

Material: white brass or nickel over brass
Dimensions: 17" long  X  9.5" wide
Price $987.00


Conch Shell Horn with 8 auspicious symbols in silver with semi-precious stones
Approximately 10" in length.
Silver content: 30-40%
Price $3,775.00
conch shell horn

Approximately 4.5" in length.
Age: circa 16th century

Silver content: 30-40%
Price $1,275.00

8 pronged double dorje
Dimensions: W= 12"
Age: 17th century
Material: Iron (probably "sky-iron")
Price $4,450.00
single dorje


Dimensions: W= 12"
Age: 17th century
Material: Iron (probably "sky-iron")
Price $2,750.00

Sonam Gyatso
circa 1600
dimensions: H=7"~ W= 5.5" ~ D=4"
Price $2,100.00
4-Armed Avalokiteshvara
silver statue of Avalokiteshvara with 4 arms
White brass over brass
Height 7.75" Width 4.5 Depth 3"
Price $1,100.00
Dragon on clouds with wisdom pearl in front claw


Dimensions: H= 3.25" W= 8" D= 3"
Material: Bronze with silver plate
Price $1,385.00



Age: circa 1400
Size:  H: 9 inch  W: 6.7 inch D: 4.7 inch
Weight: 10kg
Content: gold plating over probable "sky-iron"
Price $3,875.00



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