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Antique Tibetan hand painted Torma Trunk C100-K4
tibetan Buddhist torma trunk with gold dragon
left side
Tibetan chest view of top with painted lotus blossoms
Tibetan furniture a torma trunk with Buddhist symbols
right side

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The front of this antique Tibetan torma trunk, all outlined in excellently applied kyungbur, features a golden dragon with Cintamani in his paws. The top displays three lottus blossoms above what appears to be turbulent water. The sides have a stylized lotus. The handles on the sides are bats, which have been fastened in an upside-down position; these were made to be fastened in the other direction, however, the symbolically correct position of a bat in tibetan symbolism is flying down. Please take time to read the iconography to get an understanding of the richness of karmic thought that comes with this trunk. The handles on the sides and the lid's closure are brass. The copper cladding on the corners is a late 20th century addition. The back brass hinges are 21st century replacements. The front, top and sides are done in the raised kyungbur technique that is a hall mark of the Sange artists since at least the 12th century. The trunk has been cleaned as it had a layer of soot and wax on it which obscured the painting detail, after cleaning the painted parts were coated with a clear acrylic enamel to protect the painted surfaces and the unpainted wood was treated with a penetrating Danish furniture oil to provide decades of protection. This trunk comes with a brush-sign Certificate of Authenticity signed by one of the monks at the Senge Monastery; we also provide an iconography and images of the lama that blessed it.

Material: juniper and oil pine
Dimensions: W=19.75" H=15.5" D=9.88"
Age: circa 1860-80

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Torma Trunk C100-K4 Price $525~Plus crating and shipping = WEST COAST $88 ~ MTN $97 ~ MIDWEST = $102 ~ EAST COAST= $113. Contact David for a quote to other destinations.


The front is bordered with red and blue chrysanthemums on a gold background. The chrysanthemum symbolizes autumn and the gathering of the harvest. In this case, it is a metaphor for achieving the goal of enlightenment & its accompanying peace. The blue represents compassion. Red is the transmutation of passion into compassion. Inside of the border is a grand golden dragon with Cintamani just within his claws reach. Unlike its demonic European counterpart, the Tibetan dragon is a creature of great creative power; a positive icon, representing the strong male yang principle of heaven, change, energy, wealth and creativity. Dragons are shape shifters, able to transform at will, from as small as the silkworm to a giant that fills the entire sky. Dragons are depicted in one of two colors, green or brown.  The pearls, or jewels clutched in the claws of the dragon represent wisdom and health. The dragon can control the weather by squeezing the jewels to produce dew, rain or even downpours when clutched tightly. The dragon is the vehicle of Vairochana, the white Buddha of the center or the east.

The top is wonderfully designed with three full-bodied Lotus blossoms well above the seemingly turbulent waters below. Tibetan Buddhist mystics imagined the earth floating like a lotus flower on the oceans of the universe. The heart of the flower is the cosmic mountain, the axis of the universe. The generally acknowledged meaning of the lotus flower is purity of mind or divine creation. From the muck of a pond, where the roots of the lotus reside, an immaculate white flower emerges to blossom well above the surface of the water as a metaphor for the harmonious unfolding of spirituality.

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