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Torma box C200-09

Tibetan antiue furniture with Buddhist symbols, hand painted.
Tibetan antique offering box with yin-yang buddhist symbol
left side
Tibetan antique furniture, hand painted with jewels
Tibetan antique furniture, handpainted with buddhist symbol yin-yang
right side

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The central theme on this torma box accentuated with vibrant colors and pleasing pastels is a call to prayer with wisdom and understanding. The front has a conch shell horn, one of the 8 auspicious Buddhist symbols; the side have a very unique yin-yang symbol, with the dots being eyes set into a Dharma wheel rim. The top has flaming Cintamani to burn away, ignorance and replace it with enlightening wisdom. The hardware is brass, the copper cladding is a mid 20th century addition. This trunk comes with a brush-signed Certificate of Authenticity, a map and history of the region and pictures of the the area and other interesting background information.

Material: JUNIPER
Dimensions: H= 9.75 " W= 15.85 " D= 7.75 "
Age: circa 1920
Price $249.00


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