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Mahakala 6-armed
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Thangka ~~ Six-Armed Mahakala ~~
"Protector of Practitioners"

If you have questions or would like to purchase, contact David by email at  david@baronet4tibet.com

available as special order or as an instock print

Price by Tse Rang Dun Zhou $1250.00

price by Kal Sang $875.00

Overall measurements: 54" x 40"  Inside picture: 28" x 20" (measurements approximate)

this is available as a print on our shopping cart, painted by Tse Rang Dun Zhou



This large, lumbering, six-armed Mahakala, his entourage, and two (Gelukpa) lamas coexist in an ethereal world of blue ether, or cosmic space, and red and orange flames. The color blue is symbolic of ether or space and here reflects the ultimate reality, voidness, the Truth Body of enlightened beings. Beings enjoying the awareness of this reality are moved only to manifestation by compassion, which is the source of the striking beauty of their forms and surroundings.  Nonetheless, these figures and their settings are gruesome and terrifying in order to project an aura of overwhelming power that will protect practitioners. They work to eradicate unwanted obstructions to the realization of the enlightened mind.

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Mahakala with 6 arms

Mahakala is shown with six arms, the two uppermost hands holding the feet of a flayed elephant skin. The middle right-hand holds a damaru drum. For the two hands in front, the right holds a vajra chopper, or Dorje, and the left a skull bowl containing a heart.  He wears a a brahman cord made of a large green, red, and white snake, twisted into loops over his belly.  He also wears a loin cloth of a tiger skin, while underfoot is his own emanation in the form of Ganesha, the white elephant-headed Indian god, on top of the lotus throne.

(an expanded iconography will be provided upon purchase)


tsong khapa
Tsong Khapa and Amitabha buddha overlook, rendering aid and wisdom to the practitioner.



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