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Tangka ~Savabuddha Yogini ~Vajrayogini~
Wisdom of the Inseparability of Great Bliss and Emptiness
"Diamond Practitioner"

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Price by Tse Rang Dun Zhou $1550.00

price by Kal Sang $875.00


Overall measurements: 56" x 37"  Inside picture:30" x 23" (measurements approximate)

Overall size: 140cm X 93cm , inside: 76cm X 58cm

Created at the Sange (Wutun) Monastery by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama





Vajrayogini is 16 years old, radiantly beautiful with a youthful freshness and vitality.  16 years old is said to be the height of physical beauty. She has 3 eyes, symbolizing her enlightened ability to see the past, present, and future simultaneously. Her eyes gaze upwards to the Land of the Dakinis, demonstrating that she has the power to to guide serious practitioners directly to the Pure Land. 

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center of vajrayogini tangka

In her right hand is a curved flaying knife with vajra handle, and in her left hand she holds a skull-cup filled with blood, as if she were about to drink from it. The objects symbolize  respectively the wisdom that cuts through the fabric of ignorance and the blissful clear-light consciousness that has unified with this penetrating wisdom.

Supported on her left shoulder is a staff known as a Khatvanga. This represents her consort, Heruka Chakrasamvara, indicating that he and Vajrayogini are inseparable, whether he is explicitly visualized together with her or not.  The practices of  Vajrayogini are derived from the Chakrasamvara Tantra and are the distilled essence of that profound meditational system.

Vajrayogini is standing upon Bhairava and Kalarati, as does Chakrasamvara. There are different ways in which these two worldly deities can be understood. According to one, they represent the hatred and attachment that Vajrayogini wisdom has overcome. According to another, they represent the enlightened attributes of Vajrayogini herself, Bhairava symbolizing her method aspect and Kalarati her wisdom. Because Vajrayogini's right leg is itself a symbol of her method and stands upon Kalarati, a symbol of her wisdom, and because the reverse is true with respect to her left leg, Vajrayogini's stance doubly reinforces the union of method and wisdom so vital to the practice of highest yoga tantra.,






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