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Gathering of the Saints Red background
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Tangka ~~The Linage of the Gelupka Order~~
"Gathering of the Saints on Chakravartin's Precious elephant

Price $665.00 plus $49.60 shipping & handling worldwide. SOLD

Overall measurements: 52" x 38"  Inside picture: 29" x 18" (measurements approximate)

overall size: 132cm X 95,  inside:72cm X 45cm

AGE: circa 1920

Created at the Wutun AKA Sange Monastery by a Tibetan Buddhist Monk


red gathering of saints main

This depiction of the Gathering of the Saints or the Gelupka linage is rarely seen out side of Tibet. In that respect it is unique. Tangkas with a red background like this one form a special category of contemplative paintings. They are a highly mystical and esoteric type, usually reserved for advanced practice. The exact meaning of the red background has not been documented, but I'm on the case! Sha Wo Tse Ring, the great art teacher at the lower Sange Monastery has told me that it is one of 4 classes or types of special tangkas.


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Tsong Khapa

This powerful presentation is of the refuge, or the gathering. Tsong Khapa is in the center with a medicine bowl. He is there  to remove the 3 great poisons from your life: desire, hatred, & envy, in order to  harmonize and reestablish the balance between the three humors: wind, bile, and phlegm. His iron bowl is filled with amrita, the divine healing nectar. He represents your local teacher or guru. (an expanded iconography will be provided upon purchase)

Chakravartin's precious elephant carrying Cintamani for the practitioner, along with the god Indra riding the elephant.  Indra is the king of the heaven of the 33 gods who live on Mt. Meru.
buddha's disciples
subltle energy connecting
The spiritual rainbows radiate power and wisdom and aid in the study of the tantras. This requires endurance and a certain amount of intelligence.  Just as the tantras are divided into  levels, so are the dieties of this gathering. How this tangka should be approached will depend upon the level the practitioner has obtained.   For the practitioner who can approach the presentation as a mandala, the presentation is also a concentration aid, penetrating the essence of veneration; it has the same didactic function as the bhavachakra.



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