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Right Spiraling Conch Shell Horn
Tibetan Buddhist Auspicious Conch Shell horn Tibet Buddhist ritual Conch Shell Horn Auspicious Buddhist symbol Conch shell horn right spiraling Tibetan Buddhist Conch horn Blow hole for Tibetan Buddhist Auspicious Symbol Conch

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Rare right spiraling Tibetan Buddhist conch shell horn, with various deity depictions around the center. Depictions include, Manjushri, Amitayus, Avalokiteshvara, Maitreya and other. Brass eyelet at tip for hanging small military style Buddhist emblems. Leather handle is a new replacement. Jewels of red coral are set around a turquoise center depicting the 4 noble truths. Double Dorje in silver with turquoise center just above the pointed tip. Single silver Dorjes with turquoise centers are around the upper spiral. This is the only right or clockwise spiraling Conch horn that I have seen in my travels through out Tibet: this is as prescribed in Tibetan Buddhist scriptural cannon.
A conch shell is one of the oldest icons in Buddhism.  It is made by nature, not man, & sounds in all directions, as do the teachings of the Buddha. Consequently, the conch is seen as a vehicle fearlessly proclaiming the truth of dharma in all directions. It is also seen as an emblem of power & authority & is thought to banish evil. A white conch shell was presented to Sakyamuni by the great sky god Indra.

Age: 19th century

Approximately 9 " in length.
Metal is silver (purity unknown), gems are turquoise and red coral, cladding is unknown


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