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C500-01 Altar/Reading desk
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front view
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Prayer of Moral Behavior
front view
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The dominate art work is a prayer of Moral Behavior on the top and homage and blessing on the table's apron. This portable altar table and is also used as a reading desk. It was used by a high lama to read and teach the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. The end supports pivot underneath the table top (the entire end boad with the Zipak and jewels) and then the front support (the entire board with the offering bowl, cintamani etc.) pivots over the top of the two end supports into a cavity that is under the top. This is the only altar table we have with a prayer on the tip. The gold work on the top and the kyungbur writing on the apron is 24kt gold. The front support has Snowlions, the top in addition to the prayer has several of the 8 Auspicious symbols. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity brush signed by a monk at the Sange monastery.

Age: approx 1960-70
Dimensions (overall)    H=12" W=29.5" D=13.38"  (all measurements + or - .25") 


item #C500-01 Price $1385.00, plus shipping: ~EAST COAST $74.00 ~MIDWEST $65.00 ~MTN STATES $59.00 ~WEST COAST $52.00; other destinations, contact us  for a quote.     


Top:  Address or greeting of greatest respect and title line: "The prayer of Moral Behavior"  The text after the title line: "I pay homage to the Manjushri! To all the Buddhas of the three eras who live in the ten  directions ........................

The writing on the apron, starting in the front: Address or greeting of greatest respect followed by; "I pay homage to the venerable Manjushri (Wisdom Buddha) who controls the throne of the eternal...................................

Complete iconography will be supplied to the purchaser. If you would like to know what this says prior to purchasing please email David@Baronet4Tibet.com and include your telephone number.


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