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Han Altar Table 0197cf
0197cf altar table front handpainted with florals 0197cf left side hand-painted with florals on red background
0197cf top has flaming Cintamani on red background  

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Altar table with two doors on the front side. The door-pull is the vertical divider between the two panels.  Each of the panels has a Ashoka flower in the center.  The Ashoka is the second of the trinity of Holy flowers, named for the great warrior Ashoka that overcame all of his enemies to win freedom for his people. True spiritual freedom comes from overcoming the sins and lusts that enslave the soul.  The lotus in mid-bloom and the camp flower in the bud are also present on each panel.  The lotus and the camp are the 1st and 3rd members, respectively, of the floral holy trinity.  The presentation of buds, mid-blossom, and full bloom signifies past, present and future.  The panels and trim are done in the barbola technique.  The trim has scrolling grass emanating from a four-petaled flower.  Being highly resilient, grass signifies long life, while the 4- petaled flower represents the 4 noble truths. The panels on the front, back and ends are similar.  The top has 15 Cintamani sitting on a Ashoka throne surrounded by flames, encompassed by grass giving way to the Ashoka blossom.

Materials: beech and white wood.    Dimensions: H= 17.75"  W= 29.25"   D= 15.75"

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