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Buddhist Altar Table C402-01

Tibetan buddhist altar with phurba symbolism tibetan buddhist furniture with 4 noble truth flower symbol
front left
tibetan buddhist furniture hand painted with auspicious symbols Tibetan furniture with buddhist symbols cintamani jewels
back right
Tibetan hand painted buddhist altar  

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This altar's general theme is reaching enlightenment by following the Dharma, 1st by recognizing the 4 noble truths and then moving on to the Dharma Wheels eight-fold path and the cutting away of poisons and delusions that form obsacles. This beautiful altar table was made for use in a Labrang (lama's residence) in central Tibet. When altars are painted on all 4 sides they are made to be placed in the center of a room with sufficient space to walk around. They were always circumambulated in a clockwise direction. This altar is painted on front, top,  back, & both the right & left ends. This altar was never used and has been stored for decades, this has taken a small toll on the art work as the large variances in temperatures have had an adverse effect and made effective cleaning very difficult. The bottom board that stretches beween the legs on each side has loss of paint in several areas.   The only metal hardware on this piece are the brass Silk Road transit tax coins and round pull on the drawer-fronts at each end. This altar comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a map of the Amdo region where the Sange monasteries are located, and pictures and additional information about the monasteries and people of the Golden Valley; there is also pictures of the lama that blessed this altar.

Dimensions: H=20 x W=32 x D=16   
Age: circa 1940
Materials: Juniper and pine


Price $995.00,plus shipping & handling
Shipping: West Coast $140, Mtn. States $149, Mid West $160, Atlantic coast $175  Canadian destinations contact us  for a quote. 


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