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Lama's Offering Cabinets

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Who used these Antique Tibetan storage & offering cabinets?

Furniture in Tibet, according to all historical accounts, only existed in monasteries and lamaseries. The secular home, regardless of the financial assets or the religious following had no furniture per se. Tibetan furniture is then actually Tibetan Buddhist furniture. In my research I can find no records of furniture in Tibetan homes, quite the contrary, William Rockhill's accounts of his travels in Tibet in 1888 notes that there is a complete absense of furniture in even the most affluent homes. What we consider throw rugs or hall runners were the beds, chairs, and sofas of the Tibetan. Monks had some small altars or tables, the larger pieces were exclusively made for lama's and the best pieces were made for visiting high lama's residences. Monasteries typically have a residential compound reserved for a visiting high lama and/or many times one reserved for the Dalai Lama. Over the years these Lama's cabinets were passed down or sold to another lama or monk. It is the usual custom for the possessions of a monk or lama to be sold upon his death and the proceeds dispersed as directed by the deceased person prior to his death.

18th century cabinet in room setting

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Tibetan Buddhist Furniture antique offering cabinet with Buddhost symbols

The Solid Path to Enlightenment
AGE: circa early 1800s     
Dimensions:   Height=31.9" W=40.5" D=15.75"


Antique Tibetan furniture with depictions of Avalokiteshvara used in the prayer assembly hall in the sange Monastery

Age: 1890-1910    
Material:  Asian Cedar 
Dimensions: H= 44.5"  W= 48"  
Depth of the top tier = 12.75"  
Depth of the bottom tier = 17.5" 
Height of the bottom tier = 29"
Price $4,795.00

Antique Tibetan lamp stand hand painted circa 1900 with butterfly symbol and holoy flowers

"Find Enlightenment ~ Escape the illusion"
Materials:  Juniperr and spruce
Dimensions:  H 32" W=30" D=16"
Age circa 1900
Price $1285

Tibetan Lama's Offering Cabinet C020-43
Tibetan painted furniture with Buddhist symbols dharma wheel lotus flowers on front
AGE: 1940-50   
Material: juniper  and pine  
Dimensions:   Height=33.25"  W=40.62" D=14.62"
Price $1375.00
Tibetan Furniture with Auspicious Buddhist symbols painted on front circa 1940

"Auspicious Symbols~transmuting passion into Compassion "

AGE: 1940-50   
Material: Predominately Asian Cedar  
Dimensions:   Height=33"  W=40" D=15"
Price $1565.00


Antique Tibetan Furniture circa 1900 with Buddhist symbols handpainted

"Understanding and Wisdom"
Materials:  Asian cedar & oil pine
Dimensions:  H 31.4" W=29.5" D=15.6 "
Age circa: 1900
Price $1475.00

Tibetan Lama's Yak butter Offering cabinet C609
antique Tibetan hand painted furniture used as a yak lamp-stand with both the Shou symbol and the Shou character painted on the sides circa 1900

"A Torma, a Shou in a Shou; Reality's Wisdom"

Materials:  Asian cedar & white pine
Dimensions:  H 32" W=30 " D=15 5/8 ".
Age circa: 1900
Price $1335.00


Lama's offering cabinet C004-09
Tantric Tibetan Tiger cabinet hand-painted with other Buddhst symbols

"Wisdom, insight and Protection"

Age: circa 1850    
Material:  juniper with some elm
Dimensions: H=40"  W= 33 "  D= 16 " 

Price $1975.00

Tantric Tibetan Buddhist offering cabinet with butterfly shou
Tantric prowess~healing
Age: circa 1840-1860    
Material: Predominately Asian Cedar    
Dimensions: H= 40 "  W= 33 "  D= 15 5/8 "
Price $2185.00

Antique Tibetan Furniture handpainted with 6-syllable Buddhist mantra on front

Age: circa 1850       
Material:  juniper with some elm
Dimensions: H=39"  W= 32.75 "  D= 17 " 
Price $1975.00

Tibetan Buddhist High Lama's shrine hand painted
Age: circa early 15th century  
Material: Predominately Asian Cedar    
Dimensions: Height=39.25"  W=47.62" D=15" 
Price $2975.00
Antique Tibetan furniture hand painted circa 1400 AD

Age: circa early 15th century   (1400-10 AD)
Material: Predominately Asian Cedar    
Dimensions: Height=39"  W=44.5" D=15" 
Price $3475.00

2 door cabinet with yellow backgrond lotus flowers liknk to detail
Age: 1840-1860   
Material: Predominately Asian Cedar    
Dimensions: H=39" W=41" D=17"
Tibetan Lama's Offering Cabinet B020-01
antique Tiobetan Buddhist Furniture circa 1500s with dragons and peacocks

Age: circa mid-late 1500s
Material: pine and possibly elm
Dimensions: H=32.6" W=41" D=14.75"
Price $3465

Tibetan furniture hand painted antique shrine circa 1820

"The mantric tantric Bodhisattva"

Age: circa 1870 
Material:  Juniper, spruce  
Dimensions: Height=32 "  W=40.5" D=15.5" 
Price $2195

tibetan hand painted offering cabinet with ausp;icious conch shell horn and dharma wheel 8 fold path to enlightenment

Materials:  Juniperr and spruce
Dimensions:  H 31.75" W=29.62" D=15.88"
Age circa 1935
Price $1145.00

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Antique Tibetan Furniture buddhist altar shrine circa 1770 hand-painted with 4 compatible brothers and prayer horse with other Auspicious symbols

"Teachings of Shakyamuni - Prayer Horse"
Age: ca. 1770   
Dimensions: H=29" W=36.5" D=14.5"
Price $2495


Tibetan Furniture offering shrine with hand painted Buddhist icons circa 1850
"Bodhichitta wisdom"
Age: 1840-1860       
Dimensions: H= 40"  W= 33.25"  D= 16.5"
Price $1695
Tibetan Buddhist furniture antique offering cabinet with Buddhist symbols

"Bodhichitta motivation"
Age: 1850-1870       
Dimensions: H= 40 "  W= 33 "  D= 16 "
Price $1785


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